• This year, math notes and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. All students have access through their Google accounts and have joined their class. Assignments will be given through the program Mastery Connect. As assignments are posted in Google Classroom, students will be given a Test ID # and a link that they will use to access the assignments. Each assignment has a unique Test ID #. Each student will use their Mastery ID# to sign in to their assignments.

    Google Classroom codes are as follows:

    7th Grade Math   a7l2ty6

    Pre Algebra         qfykji5


    **NOTE: As students complete assignments in Mastery Connect, they will be given their score on each assignment immediately. The score will also be sent directly to me, HOWEVER it will not immediately be displayed in Google Classroom. Students can hit "Turn In" in Google Classroom after they have finished an assignment and then I will be able to go in and enter their score so that they will then see their scores in Google.