Virtual Learning
  • Google Account:

    All students have a Google account through the school. 

    Your child's email address is: 

    ( Example:

    Your child's password: look in your email or on the sheet we sent home.   

    Please do not change this password - we have to be able to get into their accounts at school. 

    To access your child's account: 
    Go to and click on sign in" in the upper right hand corner. 
    Type in their email address. 
    Click Next. 
    When logged in your child's account there will be an icon in the right hand corner with either their initial or an icon chosen by your child. 

    **** If someone has already signed into a Google account on the device you are using you will choose "Add an account" and then enter their email address and password.****

    Google Classroom: 

    To access you child's Google classroom you have to be signed into your child's Google account. Once signed in you can go the Google homepage or the email page and click on the cluster of nine dots in the upper right corner. It is referred to as the "waffle".
    Click the waffle.
    A variety of icons will drop down.
    Google Classroom is the one with the green chalkboard with the white outline of a person in the middle. 
    Your child will have a couple of boxes. Those are their Google classroom pages. One will have my name on it: Mrs. Hefner. The other is the Music teacher's page. 
    Click the box (classroom) that has my name and it will open the page. 

    Once inside Google classroom it will open the "stream" this is a list of everything that is posted on your Google classroom. It tends to get messy and hard to keep up with. So .... you are welcome to look at anything in the stream, but your most important information will be in the tab labeled "CLASSWORK"

    Click on CLASSWORK.
    On this tab you will find different categories: 

    Weekly Material: This is where you will find the current spelling list, any messages we want you to know, notifications of upcoming events....etc. 
    Dated Sections: This is where you will find the current week's work. 

    MISSING: If you see that an assignment is missing, it is probably because we did it in class with paper/pencil. 

    ANY questions??? Send me an email, call the school, my current class parents have my cell number, you can text or call me at that number as well. I will return emails, texts and calls as soon as I can. 

    Mrs. Hefner