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    Posted by Tara Osterhout on 10/8/2020 3:00:00 AM

    Things you need to know.  All students can access work via google classroom. The easiest way to get to google classroom is to get on the internet, go to the URL bar at the top and type in gmail.com. Gmail will ask for you to put in your child’s gmail address. The gmail address format is the following: your child’s ( firstlastname@drumright.k12.ok.us) You will then be asked for their password.  Teachers have sent all this information home, but if you can’t find it please call the school and we will send the information home to you. 

    Once you are in your child’s email account you will see 9 small squares making up a larger square at the top right corner of the screen.  Click here and then go to the chalkboard that says classroom. 

    You should at this time be able to see your child’s teacher’s name across the top.  If you go to the very top of the page you will see four words Stream, Classwork, People, Grades. Click on classwork. Most teachers have work by date click on the name of the assignment. Check for assignment instructions.

    Classroom teachers will be sending home a schedule for the day on the schedule will be two zoom or google meet meetings. Please make sure your child logs into these meetings as well.  

    If students do not have access to a computer paper copies have been supplied. 

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