• AP Computer Science Principles Syllabus

    Computing affects almost all aspects of modern life and all students deserve access to a computing education that prepares them to pursue the wide array of intellectual and career opportunities that computing has made possible. This course is not a tour of current events and technologies. Rather, it seeks to provide students with a “future proof” foundation in computing principles so that they are adequately prepared with both the knowledge and skills to live and meaningfully participate in our increasingly digital society, economy, and culture.

    Journalism and Yearbook Syllabus

    Journalism and Yearbook is an elective course that satisfies the A-G academic elective requirement. Students in this class will learn the fundamentals of print and online newspaper production, as well as video editing, video production and yearbook for both the elementary, middle, and high school. Journalism and Yearbook students will also be given the opportunity to control, create, and produce the content for the school’s newspaper, Tornado Times, the school’s video news, Tornado News, and the school’s yearbook, The Gusher.  In addition to learning journalistic writing, AP style, interview techniques, and other best practices, students will also learn the ethics, law, and history of journalism. The majority of the coursework for the class will include reporting, interviewing, writing, editing, teamwork, marketing, fundraising, and publication management.

    Computer I (Syllabus Pending)

    HS STEM (Syllabus Pending)