• Gym Covid Guidelines for Basketball Season

    1)      The gym will be at reduced capacity for fans. 
    2)      Tickets will be pre-sold ONLY.  No tickets will be sold at the gate.
    3)      60 tickets will be sold to home fans
             25 tickets will be sold to the visiting team
             20 tickets will be sold to students
    4)      Fans must sit in the designated area.
    5)      Masks will be required upon entry and when up to go to the restrooms or concession stand.  Masks may be removed while seated as long as social distancing is observed.
    6)      Congregating in the foyer will not be permitted.  Social distancing will be required in the concession stand line.
    7)      Temperatures will be taken at the door.
    8)      Tickets will be given out ahead of time, and must be presented at the door.  We will offer tickets to parents of athletes first and the general public only if there are available spots.  We will make every effort to work together as the Tornado family to make sure parents are able to see their kids compete.  There will be a boys JV game, Varsity girls game, and Varsity boys game on high school game night and a 6th grade boys game, Middle School Girls game and Middle school boys game on middle school game night.  Our goal is to clear the gym between games and allow those with tickets to each game enter to make sure that each group of parents are able to watch their child.
    We are going to try to film or broadcast games but have some limitations at this time.