Back to School!

Dear Parents and Students,

Hello and welcome back!!! Words cannot express the level of excitement and anticipation I have for the coming school year.  I promise to work hard to ensure the best education possibilities are presented to your children.  I believe that with hard work and dedication by the faculty and staff at Bradley Elementary, as well as continued commitment from you the parents, we will continue to present the students of Bradley Elementary with great opportunities for education.

 Our first day of school is Monday, August 15th !!!!!! 

School will start at 8:25 and we will begin releasing students at 3:25  Breakfast will be served from 8:00 until 8:20 in the cafeteria.  Please make sure students are not dropped off at the school before 8:00 unless arrangements have been made in the office with Early Care. You may find out more information about Early Care in the Student Handbook located on the website. We do not have adequate supervision until all staff arrives at 8:00.  This is to ensure the safety of our students.

Lunch money should be given to Shelia in the office to be added to your child’s account. Cafeteria prices for 2022-2023 are; $1.50 for breakfast, $2.50 for lunch, and $.50 for milk only.  Attached to your student's enrollment packet is a Free /Reduced Lunch form please fill this out and return it to school with your child as soon as possible. Our goal this year is to receive 100% of our lunch forms back even if you do not qualify please return the form to the office.  Remember you only have to do one form per family.  If your child’s lunch account is low you will get a notice in Thursday’s packet letting you know. We need to keep all accounts with a positive balance.  If your child has a negative balance of $20 they will be given an alternate lunch until the account is brought back to a positive balance.

We have some exciting additions to our school this year. The first is a new fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Chase Huston. Mr. Jayson Jenkins is our Physical Education teacher, ABL coordinator, and Healthy Schools coordinator. Ms. Kirsten Barnett will be moving from small groups to teaching 2nd grade. If you have not met them, stop by and say hello. 

You are welcome to walk your child to class on the first week of school, but keep in mind that traffic and parking are always an issue.  If you plan to walk your child to class please park on the east side of the gym do not park your car in the drop-off area this causes a problem for those parents dropping children off. Do not park on the north side of the building; this is where our buses will be unloading. 

Remember for security measures when entering the front door after 8:30 a.m. you will need to use the buzzer to enter. With this security feature, an adult will need to escort the student to the office to be checked in. We had many students stuck at the front door last year because they could not reach the buzzer.

We at Bradley Elementary take great pride in educating children and will continue to ensure the safety and success of all of our students.  Together, with the assistance of all stakeholders, we can ensure that our school remains a great place for education.


Tara Osterhout

Daily Schedule

8:00 am Students Arrive to school and go to breakfast or classroom
8:25 am Students must be in classrooms
8:25 am Morning Announcements
11:10 am Kindergarten Lunch (Recess 12:15)
11:25 am First grade Lunch (Recess 12:00)
11:35 am Fourth grade Lunch (Recess 11:10)
11:40 am Third grade Lunch (Recess 12:40)
12:00 pm Second grade Lunch (Recess 1:05)
12:10 pm PK Lunch (Recess 12:15)
12:20 pm Fifth grade Lunch (Recess 2:45)
12:30 pm Sixth grade Lunch (Recess 12:50)
3:25 pm Car riders dismissed to front of the building
3:25 pm Bus riders dismissed by bus name to bus line
3:25 pm Walkers dismissed

Other Information