WE DID IT!! Our community said YES to our students, YES to our teachers, and YES to progress and growth for our community!

Tornadoes, we passed a huge bond today for our students, teachers, and community that will impact our children for years! 

I am so proud, grateful, and honored to be a part of the many groups of people who worked many hours on this bond project. So many people contributed their time, provided input, and expressed their expectations during this project to make sure we had everything just right for our school district. THANK YOU to the citizens of Drumright who voted and voiced your support! Thank you for believing our students deserve to be educated in exemplary buildings that are safe and secure. Thank you for believing our students deserve to have excellent educational opportunities and equipment to support their educational endeavors. Thank you for believing our students deserve the opportunity to embrace our Drumright traditions and legacies which came before them. Thank you for believing in the future of Drumright Public Schools!

I also want to thank Julie Roberts and Tina Russell for their willingness and dedication to run for a position on the Drumright Board of Education. These two ladies are truly committed to the growth and progress of Drumright Public Schools, and both would be a good asset to our school district. Thank you ladies for your continued support! 


Angela Avila, Superintendent