Letter to parents about Acellus

November 1,  2022 

Drumright Parents,

 After the first nine weeks of school and assessing our students’ academic needs, our district has made the decision to implement a new learning program. Many schools around the country are facing the same issues with how to bridge the learning gaps some, if not many, of our students have developed due to the loss of instruction over the past few years.

 Beginning this month, teachers will be implementing the new Acellus Learning Accelerator program to focus on diagnosing their students’ gaps in the critical skills and concepts which may be impeding them from learning the grade-level content. The Acellus Learning Accelerator is a blending learning model which places each student in the center of the learning process as students access the program through their chromebook or ipad device. Research shows that with the use of the technology, blended learning provides a more engaging, efficient, and successful learning environment for all students, while also resulting in tangible gains in student achievement.

 Bradley Elementary students will first be focused on the Reading and Math areas. Our students will be spending thirty (30) minutes each day in these two subject areas. Cooper Middle and High School students will be spending thirty (30) minutes each class hour in their corresponding class subject area. The blended learning model will allow our teachers to spend more time focused on instruction with our students, while other students are able to continue learning at their own pace. Our students will receive immediate feedback and receive on-the-spot assistance, if needed, which will result in the student being able to move onto the next lesson when they are ready. The Acellus program will also expand our schools’ curriculum at the high school level from 36 classes to 82 classes and 18 advanced placement classes.   

 The Acellus Learning Accelerator also allows parents access to monitor their child’s progress as the system instantly uploads their student’s completed work in the parent portal providing families with continuous updates. We will be sending out information for parents to be able to access the portal once we have all of our students running in the system.

 We are extremely excited about this opportunity for our school community! As with implementing any new program, we ask for your patience and cooperation as we work through the process to find what will fit our students, teachers, and parents. Thank you for your support of Drumright Public Schools!

 Go Tornadoes!

 Angela Avila